Transfer Tapes

Transfer tapes are an unsupported mass of adhesives coated onto a film or paper release liner. There is no carrier or backing; however, these free films allow the adhesives to have flexibility and flow into textured surfaces providing a strong bond. Transfer adhesives are used to laminate to foams, fabrics and other substrates that require good adhesive flow and wet out properties.

Product Data Sheets

More common Product Data Sheets below. Other constructions available upon request.

Product  Adhesive Liner  
SB200U 2 MIL Acrylic 76 lb Polycoated Download
SB200U-M 2 MIL Acrylic/Rubber Hybrid Densified Kraft Download
SB250U 2 MIL Conductive Silicone Double Linered-2 MIL PET Download
SB300U 3 MIL Acrylic 76 lb Polycoated Download
SB330U-LSE 3.3 MIL Acrylic 76# Polycoated Liner Download
SB500U 5 MIL Acrylic 76 lb Polycoated Download