Double Sided Tapes

A double sided tape consists of a carrier with adhesive coated on both sides and supplied with a paper or film release liner. Double sided tapes offer dimensional stability when laminated to substrates while offering easy die-cutting properties as well. These constructions can allow different adhesives on each side to bond to substrates requiring a different adhesive.

Some of the typical applications are for industrial and product assembly, mounting, gasketing, splicing and POP displays to name a few.

Product Data Sheets

More common Product Data Sheets below. Other constructions available upon request.

Product  Carrier Adhesive Adhesive Thickness Liner  
SB150 1 MIL PET Acrylic 1.5 MIL/1.5 MIL Paper Download
SB350 1 MIL PET Acrylic 3.5 MIL/3.5 MIL Paper Download
SB455 1/2 MIL PET Acrylic 1.5 MIL/1.5 MIL Paper Download
SB455B 1/2 MIL PET Acrylic 1.5 MIL/1.5 MIL Blue Film Download
SB460 1/2 MIL PET Rubber 1.4 MIL/1.3 MIL Paper Download
SB650 1/2 MIL PET Acrylic 3.0 MIL/3.0 MIL Paper Download
SB850 1/2 MIL PET Acrylic 3.5 MIL/2.5 MIL Red Film Download
SB1225-M Nylon Nonwoven Acrylic 2.0 MIL/3.5 MIL 2.0 MIL PET Download
SB265 0.5 MIL PET Acrylic/Removable Acrylic 1.6 MIL/0.8 MIL Polycoated Kraft Download
SB462 0.5 MIL PET Rubber 2.0 MIL/2.0 MIL 92# Polycoated Kraft Download
SB785 Woven Cotton Cloth Natural Rubber --- Polyethylene Film Download